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The Electric Mine: Road to Full Mine Electrification

Mehrzad Ashnagaran, ABB global product line manager - electrification and composite plant, speaks with Mining Magazine about what full electrification looks like and what technologies it involves.
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An integrated thought leadership program from Mining Magazine and Australia’s Mining Monthly


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  • What are the different components of an electric mine?

  • What needs to be done to prepare a mine for battery-electric vehicles?

  • How do 5G and LTE fit into monitoring, maintaining and improving the performance of the electric mine?

  • What is the role of digitalization and automation in enabling electric mines?

  • Will cost inflation pose a barrier to electric vehicle adoption or is electrification the solution?

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Mine operators across the globe are moving towards electrification at increasing speed. This is no surprise given the drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create safer working environments and reduce costs associated with diesel and ventilation. In many cases, operators are approaching electrification in a piecemeal fashion, piloting the use of electric trucks or light vehicles or other mobile equipment. But a handful of mines have replaced their entire fleets with battery-electric vehicles, allowing them to call themselves all-electric. Mining Magazine and Australia Mining Monthly sat down with three global experts on mine electrification for a panel discussion on what mine operators should consider when planning for electric fleets, the relationship between electrification and automation, and the likelihood of seeing all-electric mines become a reality in the near future. Watch the panel video above, and download the full report below.

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